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"Chess is touchstone to the intellect." Goethe

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Instructional Links

Brian Wall a Colorado chess master.
Chess Academy of Denver by NM Todd Bardwick
Chess Mentor a computer-based method for learning and mastering chess.
Chess training Here you’ll find lessons in chess tactics, chess lectures, thousands of chess combinations, some chess history and chess games of all World Championships. You can coach yourself online!
Chess Visualisation Training Online step-by-step exercises which help you to increase your chess visualisation.
ChessDoctor geared to the inexperienced player.
Chesswise University On Line Chess Training
Essay on Improving Your Chess by Ken Smith of Chess Digest, this includes many ideas on how to improve and actual specific books that are suggested for different level players.
Exeter Chess Club Chess Openings Handouts.
Jude Acers Senior National Chess Master from New Orleans recommends chess books.
Jude Acers World Tours Senior Master, New Orleans
St Olaf College Summer Chess Camp Olaf Chess Camp Olaf Chess is designed for chess players of all strengths and levels of experience ages 10 to adult who want to improve their game while enjoying the company of fellow chess enth

Online Chess Links

Chess Net
Chessed.com make your move.
Chessmaster Visit the computer game home page
Email Chess Hasbro email games including Email Chess.
Free Online Chess Playing on www.chesshere.com is free,and there are very few restrictions for free members.
Inside Chess Magazine Online world's hottest electronic chess magazine.
Internet Chess Club The Worlds Most Active Chess Club
Kingdom Intenet Chess Tournament Site online chess tournaments.
MECCA - Chess Encyclopedia
My Chess Site Chess portal where you can play chess online or by email, read chess news, view games and much more.
NIC New in Chess your link to the Chess World.
Play Chess World Leagues of Email Chess.
The Chess Kamikaze Guide to Playing Chess on the Web.
World Chess Network play chess online and much more.

Chess Players Personal Homepages

ChessBrave's Home Page by Shawn Svare.
FIDE Master David H. Levin features original opening analysis, his best games and instruction.
Gambit Page of Thomas Stock, MD
Steve Kelly is known in the chess world as Sacman.
Steve Pribut's Chess Page A neat chess page with lots of internet chess resources listed.

Chess Organizations

Casper Chess Club Casper Chess Club, where everyone is welcome.
Chess Federation of Canada
Continental Chess Association organizers of major chess tournaments
Denver Chess Club
King's Knight Chess Club An outreach of the Los Lunas Community Bible Church
Portland Chess Club See what Dr. Fortune is up to these days.
Russian Chess
Southern Colorado Chess is an affiliate of the USCF, serving Pueblo, Colorado Springs, and the surrounding region.
U.S. Chess Center
UECC Universal Email Chess Club
United States Chess Federation We are affiliated with the USCF.

USCF State Affiliates

Alabama Chess Federation
Alaska Chess Page
Arizona Chess Association
Arkansas Chess Association
California (Northern)
California (Southern) - Southern California Chess Federation
Colorado State Chess Asscociation
Connecticut State Chess Association
District of Columbia Chess League
Florida Chess Association
Georgia Chess Association
Hawaii Chess Federation
Idaho Chess Association
Illinois Chess Association
Indiania Chess Association
Iowa State Chess Association
Louisiana Chess
Maryland Chess Association
Massachusetts Chess Association
Metro West Chess Club in Natick, Massachusetts.
Michigan Chess Association
Minnesota State Chess Association
Missouri Chess Association
Nebraska State Chess Association
Nevada Chess, Inc.
New Hampshire Chess Association
New Jersey State Chess Federation
New Mexico Chess Organization
North Carolina Chess Association
North Dakota Chess Association
Ohio Chess Association
Oklahoma Chess Association
South Carolina Chess Association
South Dakota Chess Association
Southern Arizona Chess Association
Tennessee Chess Association
Texas Chess Association
Utah Chess Association
Virginia Chess Federation
West Virginia Chess Association
Wisconsin Chess Association

Chess Stores on the Internet

American Chess Shop
Antique and Contemporary Chess Sets Unique and collectible chess sets with the American Staunton Chess pieces are featured (the most expensive contemporary chess pieces offered)
Bad Bishop .com Chess videos.
Batsford Chess Books: Special three books for price of two!
Beekay Exports A service orientated India producer of some of the finest traditional Staunton or Collectors Chess sets and pieces.
Chess Academy Home page: Software & Books
Chess Digest Chess books and equipment
Chess Fonts offers computer programs to print chess diagrams and figurines in word processors.
Chess Forum
Chess Forum: Your Online Chess Store
Chess Treasures - Decorative Chess Sets Beautiful chess sets for the chess enthusiast. Over 50 different combinatons available!
CHESSBLOCK The Programmable Digital Wyoming Chess Clock
Chessco Welcome to chess paradise
Crown Trophy a premier awards supplier of chess trophies, medals, plaques, ribbons, and pins.
DGT Projects Chess products for the 21st Century.
Domino 32 Very nice chess sets.
Gambit Chess Books
Gambit Publications Gambit Chess Books
House of Staunton at Chess Cafe, quality chess sets, US distributor for Jacques of London.
Le Due Torri:catalogo Italian chess store.
Legend Products features dozens of fine Staunton and other chess pieces, boards, tables, and accessories.
Plastic chess pieces
R & D Publishing World Wide Chess SuperStore
Rochester Chess Club sells tables, sets and accessories from their home page.
The World Wide Web Chessboard Bookstore
USCF online store
Used and Rare chess books
World of Shopping's World of Chess, featuring unusual themed chess sets.
World Wide Web Chess Superstore
Your Move Chess and Games

Chess Databases and Computers

Windows TD Chess tournament software
BookUp chess data base.
ChessAssistant chess data base.
Chessbase chess data base.
ChessLab.com a seachable, interactive chess database of more than 2 million games.
ClubMate chess data base.
Swedish SSDF ratings of top computers 75502 games played by 210 computers
Swiss System Tournament Software by Thad Suits.
Tasc ChessSystem chess data base.

General Chess Related Links

4 Player Chess a game designed to be played right away by anyone who knows how to play Chess.
Bucknell Openings Library
CHESMAYNE The largest chess dictionary in the world - 10,000+ Keywords.
Chess City Lots of chess resources.
Chess Forum
Chess Journalists of America is an American organization of chess journalists.
Chess Links at Bucknell
ChessGeek Are you a chess geek? Download our chess screen saver and pgn viewer.
Chessopolis the best darn chess directory on the internet.
DGT Products Chess products.
Encyclopedia of Chess Openings
GM Alexander Baburin's Web site .
Kasparov Chess KC Homepage .
LA MECCA - Chess Encyclopedia .
NYSTAR's chess links
The Chess Cafe Home Page
The Chess Kamikaze Home Page For hardy souls who can throw away a pawn and laugh!
The Chesshaven The place to find a little bit of everything related to the wonderful and fascinating world of chess.
The London Chess Center
The origin of chess A fascinating essary on a possible orginal country of origin for chess.
Welcome to ChessWise
What is a Chess Rating?
World Chess Hall of Fame & Sidney Samole Chess Museum.
ZChess.com The Site of Supreme Strategy.